Pet-Friendly Local Links

Mama thinks it’s important to support local businesses, so she tries to do that whenever she can.  I don’t really know what that means, but since she helps me type this blog for me, I’ll let her tell you about some local pet-friendly businesses in the Finger Lakes region.

Bandit’s Bathhouse: When Mama and Daddy first adopted me, they took me to get groomed someplace else that has stores all over the country.  I’d have to spend hours and hours there, which made me really anxious since my parents weren’t with me in this strange place, and when I’d get home I’d be so itchy I would end up hurting myself from scratching so hard.  I still sometimes get anxious with grooming because I don’t like being away from my parents for too long, but the people who work at Bandit’s Bathhouse are understanding and super-nice even though I was kinda scared.  Plus it doesn’t take forever for them to finish so I get to go home sooner!   When I’m done, I get to wait around with other dogs (as long as everyone is behaving) until one of my parents comes to pick me up.

Brighton Animal Hospital: This is where I go to get check-ups and medicine when I’m sick.  I like getting up on the table because I’m not allowed to do that at home.  Mama likes that she doesn’t have to pay a whole lot of money when we go there.

The Buffalo Pug and Small Breed Rescue: This is the group that rescued me and let me come live with Daddy and Mama!  They started out in a place called Buffalo that I’ve never been to, but they also have an office in East Rochester.  My foster mommy was super-nice, and the volunteers all helped me to get better so I would be healthy and happy before coming to my Forever Home.

Greece Canal Park: The first dog park in Monroe County, NY!  The area is fenced in for off-leash play with separate areas for us small dogs so we don’t get overwhelmed by the big dogs.  There are watering stations, places to climb, and benches for humans to sit on.  A nice way to meet new friends!

Lollypop Farm: This is a really big shelter for animals – doggies, kitties, and other things.  They take in animals that got lost from their mommies and daddies and try to reunite them, and they also investigate allegations of cruelty to animals because they’re the home of the local Humane Society.  Not a place I have been to, but it seems like they are trying to help out animals as much as they can, so I’m all for them.

Park Ave Pets: I haven’t been here yet, but the day I was supposed to be coming to my Forever Home, this is where Mama got most of the things I would need to feel at home – a doggie bed, a crate (I hate crates, but I guess some dogs like them), a few toys, biscuits, a leash, and my very favorite: My collar with hearts on it.  Mama said the owner was very nice and helpful without being pushy.

Even though Mama knows a lot more about what’s out there than I do (I’m only 6 after all, and she is… Well, a lot more than 6…), she doesn’t know it all!  Here is a website that has even more information about local places that help out pets.  Or you can send us an e-mail to let us know more about pet-friendly places in the Finger Lakes at confessionsofarescuedog-at-yahoo-dot-com.


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