Oh My! An Update!

I have been such a bad doggie about updating!  My New Years’ Resolution will have to be updating this blog more regularly.

Well, I may have been a bad doggie about updating, but I have been a pretty good dog otherwise.  After all, it is the holiday season – and I want to make sure I get something from Santy Paws!  Last year he left me three whole pig’s ears – my favorite!  I could have made my own piggy pudding that song keeps talking about.

Well, what has been happening since my last update?  Mama and Daddy got married, making me a legitimate puppy.  They went on a honeymoon – and I was wrong, I didn’t get to go with them.  I did spend the week at Mama’s parents’ house, so I got my own sort of vacation, but it’s not the same as spending time with My People.  Not long after they came back, they took me with them for an extra photoshoot with their wedding photographers at Mendon Ponds Park.  Doggies are only allowed in certain parts of the park, but I didn’t care: I was with My People and there were so many new smells!  I even saw something called a horse, something which was simultaneously intriguing and upsetting: I could not help but stare at it, and I growled and barked at it in order to protect My People from it (who knows what such a creature could do?!).  The photographers were really nice to me, telling me what a pretty dog I was – and they took some super-awesome family portraits of us!

(I love cuddles from My People, but sometimes I get embarrassed)

In these pictures I had sight of that horse… And I was none-too-pleased.

Daddy stopped my barking by employing some “corporal cuddling.”

Mama put her crown-thingy on my head… I don’t know why people do such weird things.

Anyway, that was the big excitement.  Mama is still looking for a “job,” which means I get to spend a lot of time with her – which I like, even though I know that despite thinking I am the best dog ever, Mama wants to be working again.  I am not liking the cold winds that come with winter, but I know it could always be worse, and I am grateful it isn’t.

Oh, and for a bit of nostalgia: A year and a day ago, Daddy and Mama had some people over for a holiday brunch.  They even dressed me up for the occasion:

Soon after everyone left, Mama got a text from her sister: “You’re going to be an aunt soon.  Like probably in a few hours.”  Well, of course Mama wanted to stay up until she heard about the arrival of the little one.  Not one to leave one of My People in a time of need, I tried to stay up, too, as did Daddy:

As you can see, it didn’t work out too well.

At any rate, shortly before midnight, Mama’s nephew was born!  I have met him a few times, and he is a sweet little guy.  He knows how to act around doggies since he lives with my furry cousin, Abby-da-Puppy – and My People are happy to see that my good nature extends to Very Small human-pups.

Here he is with Abby-da-Puppy in August.  He’s not even my species and I think he’s too darn cute!

Anyway, that is a somewhat scattered account of some of the goingson here with me.  And in case I don’t update before they happen for you, here’s wishing all of you a Happy Non-Denominational Holidays!  If he comes to your house, may Santy Paws be kind to you – and even if he doesn’t, here’s wishing you all comfort, joy, and peace this season.