Hattie and Huxley

This has been such a busy week for me!  It’s been so exciting I have had trouble figuring out what to talk about first  and I wish I could talk about it all at once, but I think things would get confusing – more confusing than when there’s a treat on then floor, then Daddy or Mama points out something else and when I return to the treat, it’s magically gone.  So I’ll have to break it down into a few separate posts, I guess.

A few days ago Mama took me with her to visit a friend of hers that she has known pretty much since she was a pup.  Her friend is leaving town so she wanted to say goodbye, but she thought it might be nice to introduce me to her friend’s two dogs, both of whom are Yorkies.  One of them is a 3-year old male, Huxley.  A teacup Yorkie and the runt of his litter, I think he is the smallest dog I have ever met in my entire life.  Seriously, I have met puppies bigger than this little guy!  He had spunk and spirit though.  When I peed on the deck, he sniffed it with interest and peed on top of it – a bit of re-establishing that this was his territory, but good-natured about it really.  And he was cuddly with my Mama.  Even though it makes me jealous, I’m still glad he treated her well.

Here he is on a stair above me, trying to get to know me… Yeah, that’s a sweater on him – and he didn’t seem to care!

Here you can get a little bit of a better idea how tiny this little guy was.

However what Mama and her friend were more interested in was my reaction to her friend’s other doggie, Hattie, the female that he got a year or so before he got Huxley.  Why?  Well, to  answer that, I’ll have to go back to when her friend first met me.  He came over and I ran up to greet him  – I love meeting visitors!  After fawning over me (as well he should), he commented how much I looked like Hattie.  He then gasped and asked Mama, “Omigod, do you think they’re related?”

Mama commented that it was possible, and while I couldn’t really offer my input, I silently agreed.  After all, I do have some babies out there in the world, and she is young enough that it’s possible I had her during my breeding years.  Some dogs seem to recognize their parents or litter-mates after being separated for years, so I figured that if this was, indeed, one of my puppies, we’d know each other right away.

Well, it turns out that we’re not related.  Or at least I don’t think we are.  Hattie didn’t seem to either.  Of the two dogs in that house, Hattie is definitely the alpha.  As soon as Mama and I came into the house, I could hear Hattie barking her head off, warning me that this was her turf.  Even Huxley joined in, though less vehemently: He didn’t really know what the fuss was all about, but he knew that the alpha-dog was barking, so he figured it was probably time to bark.  Once Hattie got a couple of sniffs in, she was mostly OK with me.  She did bark and even growl a couple of times, but that was as far as it went.  As a whole we were fine with each other, but it was clear we didn’t have much affinity for each other.  Definitely not one of my kids.  Probably.  But I will concede that we do look an awful lot alike.  Let’s examine the resemblance.  On the left is Hattie, on the right is me.  Can you tell?

And some more pictures of the three of us playing… There were a lot of blurred shots because we were having so much fun sniffing each other!

I think they liked me… They sure seemed to be sniffing my butt a lot, at least.

I love meeting new people – and new doggies too!  Even with the barking, I had a fun time.  Even though Hattie is going to be staying in town (she lives with the parents of Mama’s friend, with whom he was living), Huxley is going with Mama’s friend out of the state.  I’ll miss that little guy.  Probably not as much as Mama will miss her friend though.


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