Update on Abby and a Weather Warning

A few posts ago I wrote about my cousin Abby, who wasn’t doing too well.  Well, Mama saw her today.  I wasn’t allowed to come with her because she had some other stops to make where dogs aren’t allowed (such a lame rule).  She had a bit of a hard go after getting out of the hospital, but she slowly got better.  She had to be on a special diet for a while to help with her intestinal issues and she laid low for a while – and with her level of energy, you know that she was feeling icky if she was laying low.  Well Mama reports that Abby was just as bouncy and energetic as ever.  And, well, a bit frisky.

Abby lives with two kitties, a male named Tommy who is rather quiet and submissive and a female named Ella who is something of an alpha.  Apparently Mama looked over and saw Abby mounting Tommy – well, the way that males mount females to mate.  That may sound funny that Abby tried mounting a boy since a) both are fixed so they can’t have babies, b) they are different species, c) usually it’s the male mounting the female!  But as I’ve said many times, dogs are different than you humans: We might mount another animal whether it’s our species or not – not necessarily to mate, but sometimes to assert our dominance; alpha status has nothing to do with gender, so even though it might sound funny that a female tried mounting a male, really Abby was asserting her dominance over Tommy.  Apparently this is a habit of hers, as Abby’s mom told Mama that she knew Abby was feeling better when she started trying to mount Tommy.

You might remember in the video of Abby and me meeting I put in the last post about Abby, she tried mounting me too.  Abby’s mom told her off for it, and I appreciated that.  I’ve had enough of that back in my breeding days, thank you very much.

In other news, there is apparently a hurricane headed towards the East Coast.  Keep safe, humans – and keep your animals as calm as possible.  Scary weather sometimes equals scared animals.  I normally don’t mind scary weather (well, as long as I am inside), but sometimes I get on the alert with loud noises.  Almost two weeks ago there was a thunderstorm around here, and I got a little on edge:

This was right after a clap of thunder.  Before I had been laying next to Mama as she read.

“It’s OK, Piper… Calm down.”

I think I’ll be OK, but you never know.  Mama did get me something called a Thunder Shirt, which helps a lot of doggies stay calm in stressful situations.  I’ve only worn mine once, so I’m not sure how well it’ll work, but I guess a lot of other pups find them really relaxing.  You might not have a Thunder Shirt, but I bet you know other ways to keep your animals calm.  I hope you don’t need it though.


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