Dropping Off and Showing Off

This weekend the Rescue that gave me a second chance at Life is having a rummage sale.  All the proceeds will be used to pay the medical bills of doggies who aren’t in the best of health.  I think this is both awesome and a pretty big deal.  After all, if some people weren’t generous enough to donate some money to the Rescue, I’d still have some serious health issues – or worse – so I am glad that My People wanted to do what they could to help out.  Mama went through the house and gathered a bunch of things that she and Daddy don’t use anymore and today she brought me with her to donate the items for the rummage sale.  Mama has been donating a lot of things lately to some other places, but she wanted to give as much as she could to the Rescue because she knows there are doggies out there that need even more medical attention than I ever did.

By the time we got there, Mama was kind of juggling my leash, one of the smaller boxes full of items for the Rescue to use (old towels, a doggie sweater that doesn’t fit me – thankfully – and a chew toy I never really liked), and a tube of gift wrap she wanted to donate.  I was excited to be taken out for a ride, so I probably wasn’t making things to easy for her – but thankfully there were a bunch of volunteers there who were able to help Mama with her other two boxes (like I said, she really got into looking for stuff to donate).  One of the volunteers there was my foster mommy!  She was there with a new foster-girl, a pug-beagle mix (or puggle) named Daisy Mae.  She was 4 but way energetic!  She was pulling on the leash to come over and meet me, and she liked to cuddle with our foster mommy too.  Daisy has a paw that got run over by a car at some point, but that doesn’t seem to slow her down at all!  In fact, she had way more energy than I did.  She looks like she’d make a fun playtime companion for someone.

It’s always nice to check in now and then with the Rescue.  Of course I prefer being in my Forever Home, but it’s nice to see some familiar faces, the first nice humans I really met.  And I like meeting the other doggies because I know that just like me, they’ll be matched with a wonderful person or family that will love them utterly.

On another note, I now have a Facebook  page!  I love meeting new people, and I thought it might help to do that by getting a Facebook page.

And finally, I’ll leave you with a picture.  I groomed again last week.  Here I am relaxing after getting my hair did.



2 Comments on “Dropping Off and Showing Off”

  1. Lindsay Kuhn says:

    Miss Piper, it was lovely seeing you too! Thank you for relinquishing the unwanted chew toy. That helped to keep Daisy Mae busy while we were getting everything ready for the sale.

    • Piper says:

      You’re welcome! Mama and her family have gotten me a bunch of chew toys, but there are really only a few that I like playing with and I ignore the rest. If those toys can go towards doggies who like chew toys more than I do, I’m happy to send them their way – and I’m glad it gave Daisy Mae something to do while you humans kept busy (it looked like there was a LOT of work to do!).

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