A little while ago I mentioned my furry cousin, Abby, in fleeting.  Let me tell you a little more about her.

Abby is owned by Mama’s sister.  She is called Abby-da-Puppy, as when Mama’s sister brought her in, she was, well, a puppy.  We don’t know a whole lot about Abby’s background before she came to live with Mama’s sister and her family.  We know that she was owned by one family, then another, and then eventually found her Forever Home.  For a lot of doggies, this would make them anxious and uncertain (I think I’d have trouble adjusting), however Abby is pretty happy-go-lucky and settled in just fine.

That was years ago – I wasn’t rescued yet.  Now Abby is about four years old, but she is still very much a puppy at heart.  She has crazy energy and loves it when people or dogs come to see her.  Whenever she gets company she jumps on the humans non-stop and tries to play with the dogs.  Mama was kind of nervous at how hyper Abby gets because Mama’s sister just had a baby; she was worried that Abby might accidentally hurt the baby without meaning to just from being so excited.  Thankfully, while she remains exuberant as ever, Abby is actually very protective of her human-boy.

Here she is with him when he was three months old.  Too cute.

Don’t let that calm facade fool you.  I have no doubt that before this picture was taken Abby was bouncing all around off the furniture and people in the room.  That’s just how she rolls.  I don’t remember having anywhere near that level of energy when I was four, but then, she and I were in different situations.  Any time I have seen her she has started pouncing on me almost instantly – not in an aggressive way, but sort of the doggie equivalent of shouting “oh-my-God-hi-I-like-you-will-you-be-my-friend-you’re-my-friend-let’s-play-let’s-play-let’s-play-let’s-play!”  I don’t mind playing a little, but I’m too old for that kind of rambunctiousness.

The past few weeks Abby’s family has been having a rough time.  Abby’s dad had two deaths in the family in two weeks time.  A few days ago Abby’s mom, my Mama’s sister, joined her husband at a funeral out of state while Mama’s mother watched the baby and Abby.  When Abby’s mom came back, Abby was throwing up non-stop and pooping blood.  Like they needed something else on their plate.  Abby is now at a doggie hospital getting IV fluids (she felt so icky she couldn’t even keep water down) and treatment.  The vets say she should be OK, but she’ll need to spend the weekend in the hospital.

I feel bad for Abby.  Even though she’s four, I can’t help but think of her as a puppy given her high spirits.  I’m glad she is getting the help she needs.  To kind of relive her more high-spirited times, here is a video from when I met Abby-da-Puppy for the first time:

As you might imagine, I was pretty beat from that play-fest.  I had fun, but play like that wipes me out.

Here’s hoping Abby-da-Puppy is back on all four paws in no time.

Update 8/13/11: Abby is home from the hospital and recovering.  Way to bounce back, cuz!


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