Curbing Canine Cruelty

It’s no secret that I love My People.  Even though I might complain that they sometimes dress me up funny or make me take baths or won’t let me nose through the garbage I really love them and know they love me too.  I totally lucked out on the People lottery.

Sadly, there are a lot of people out there who treat their dogs – and other animals too – poorly.  I know I’ve talked before about having been in a puppy mill, where I had puppies that got taken away from me and my health was seriously neglected.  As bad as that was, there are animals out there that have it even worse.  Some owners hurt their animals on purpose, venting their anger or frustration (or meanness) on an animal that can’t defend itself.  There are even some people who train dogs to fight other dogs, usually to the death.  Can you believe that some awful people actually find watching those fights entertaining?!  Most dogs are naturally happy-go-lucky, but when they get put into a situation where their life is on the line, some of them become killers – and some of them become casualties.  They aren’t born that way – and it doesn’t matter what breed that dog is: Bad people made them into bad dogs… Or dead dogs.

Animal fighting is already a felony (the worst kind of crime there is here in the US) in all 50 states – as well it should be!  But up until now those people in New York State who watch these bloodbaths have only faced minor fines – the legal equivalent of a slap on the wrist.  Now the governor has signed into law a bill that makes watching animal fights punishable by up to a $500 fine and up to three months in jail.  Needless to say, My People and I completely support this coming to pass.  While I definitely think the people who run the animal fights and turn innocent doggies into killers should be punished severely, I think those people who support such a cruel “sport” are equally as guilty, so I am glad that this is happening.  It’s not the first time I have seen my home state support doggies in a bad spot; it makes me happy to know that I live someplace that places value on its furry citizens too.

As an aside, remember that doggies that have been trained to fight are not all bad.  Like I said, they did what they did because they had to, and given some time to rehabilitate with kind and patient humans, some (most?) can be friendly again.  Although there are some doggies that are born nasty, the majority are good.

Kind of like people.


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