Sleeping Posture

Recently, Mama found a pet-friendly website called Pawesome.  It is super-cute – and funny too! Not that long ago, they posted this comic on doggie sleeping positions (with a cameo by a kitty):

I don’t do all of these (when I start to look like “the ambiguous, e.g., I just lay down to get more comfy), but I do a lot of them… But Mama has different names for some of them.

What they call “the donut hole,” Mama calls “the cinnamon bun…”

…and what they call “the twister,” Mama calls “sleep yoga.”

But I have also been known to do “the doormat…”

…and also “the snuggie.”

Though I do tend to prefer to make a little nest out of blankets and/or pillows, nestling on top of them or around them.

(sometimes I sleep with my tongue sticking out… kind of embarrassing)

But my favorite thing of all time is to sleep with My People.

(I like to do everything close to My People)

Do you or your pets have any funny ways of sleeping?  Let me know!


2 Comments on “Sleeping Posture”

  1. Jen says:

    How cute! Charlie tends to curl up or sprawl out, but it’s more where he sleeps that’s funny. He likes cool surfaces when it’s warm (right now he’s on a glass end table). He also likes the bathtub.

    • Piper says:

      Hi, Jen! I understand Charlie is a kitty. I don’t blame him for liking to curl up on cool surfaces in this weather, though you wouldn’t catch me laying down in a bathtub for anything (although sometimes when it’s bath time I’ll sit down because I don’t like it).

      Did you know that trying to find something cool is why we doggies sometimes like to dig before we lay down? Back when we were wild things, we would dig the ground to reach dirt or even mud that was cooler than the surface, and that would keep us cool in the night. That kind of makes me sad that my ancestors thought a mud puddle was a good treat, but nowadays we doggies still do it a lot when we are settling down to sleep – though I usually do it to try to make the cushions comfier (it really does make a difference, trust me).

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