Keep Your Canines Cool!

I don’t know about your neck of the woods, Internet-Friends, but here where I live it has been ridonkulously hot out.  I know it’s summer and that means heat, but this has been crazy: For weeks it has been hot-hot-hot without much of a breeze and barely any rain.  This week has been terribly hot with today at probably the hottest, most humid day of the year.  It isn’t fit for man nor beast out.

Weather like this is dangerous for all animals – yes, humans included! – but especially dangerous for pets if their People don’t know (or don’t care) about pet-safety.  You see, a lot of times people will bring their dog with them in a car to go some place, then leave them in the car, thinking “I’m only going to be in there a few minutes, it will be fine,” or “I left the window open a crack, that will help my dog keep cool.”  It’s not true, humans!  Even on relatively nice days, a car can get scary-hot on the inside – and that can do major harm to your four-legged friends.  This can lead to a doggie getting dehydrated at best, but it can even lead to brain damage or death.  Two people from our town have even been charged for leaving a dog in the car while they shopped in a mall.  I have never met either of those people that I can remember, and maybe they didn’t mean to do anything bad – I know sometimes I am naughty without meaning to be – but that poor doggie was probably in serious pain before getting help.

Cars aren’t the only danger to doggies in hot weather!  Some humans leave their dogs outside all the time.  Now, I like going out just as much as the next pooch, but I know I wouldn’t want to be outside all the time: Inside there is shelter from the rain, there is warmth when it’s cold out – and coolness when it’s hot out (and that doesn’t even mention the fact that My People live inside and I always want to be near them!).  Other humans will just leave their dog out for a while to play and go potty.  Well, that’s not so bad (my friend Spike has a fenced in back yard that I like to play in when I go see him, and my cousin Abby, a shih tzu/Cavalier King Charles Spaniel mix, also has a fenced in back yard for frolicking – but when it gets this hot, be really careful!  Make sure your doggies have access to plenty of water when they are outside.  After all, I hear on your human news that humans need to keep hydrated during hot weather – and so do all other animals!  And when it’s this hot, maybe they shouldn’t be left out as long as they normally would.

I know you humans kind of sweat all over – I sometimes see Mama wiping it from her forehead and her neck, and when Daddy comes home from a busy day at work, I can smell it on him before he jumps in the shower.  Dogs aren’t built the same way!  We can only release heat by panting…

(like this)

And through our paw-pads.

(admire my toesies)

So remember: Just because we are animals and different from you, we have a lot of the same needs as you humans do when keeping cool – and we don’t have the luxury of having sweat glands all over our bodies.

All right, I’ve said my piece.  Time for me to sprawl out in front of the AC vent to keep cool.  I hope you humans keep cool too.


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