Got My Hair Did

I’m not terribly fond of getting groomed.  I like how I look in the end, but the process involves me being away from my People for a long time, and that makes me super-scared.  A lot of dogs that used to live in a puppy mill are actually pretty aloof around people and don’t always like to socialize.  Not me!  I love people, and my People are the best.  But now that I’ve come to love them so much, I get really anxious being away from them for too long (like say, five seconds), so even though the groomers that help keep me pretty are sweet, I don’t like going there.

I go to a place called Bandit’s Bathhouse, a place not far from home.  When I first came home, Daddy and Mama used to take me to a national chain pet store that has grooming services.  They took forever – like four hours! – and when I came home I would be so itchy I would scratch myself until I bled, causing a few trips to the vet.  Mama found out about Bandit’s Bathhouse, which was much closer and about the same price, so she thought she’d try that for my grooming needs.  They do a great job – and it doesn’t take nearly as long.  They understand I get anxious, and they are super-nice to me to try to help me feel comfortable.

I normally get groomed on a regular basis, but we went a little longer than usual in between groomings.  I was starting to look like a wild thing.  Daddy says I look like a Wookiee (whatever that is), and Mama says I look like a teddy bear, even calling me her “little woolly bear.”

Parents have such embarrassing nicknames.

Anyway, Mama and Daddy knew it had been way too long between groomings – and it being summer, having some extra fur gone would definitely be welcome – so when Mama brought me to Bandit’s Bathhouse, she asked they give me a shorter trim than usual.

I rather like the results.  How about you?


They even give me a kickin’ scarf when I go.

Don’t worry; Mama made sure she set up my next appointment before we left so I won’t be a woolly little Wookiee any time soon again.  Besides, I think this shorter ‘do is rather slimming, don’t you?


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