A Local Doggie Needs Help!

Mama and I are having trouble sleeping tonight.  I keep wandering around the bed trying to get comfy, and Mama keeps tossing and turning.  I guess my pacing doesn’t help, but both of us kind of took a break from the bed for a little bit.  Mama turned on the TV, and we both saw a story that made our ears perk up – well, metaphorically… Mama’s ears don’t perk up like mine do.

In a town on the other side of the city where we live, there is a family with a chihuahua puppy named Mia.  Little Mia was the last puppy born via C-section to the family’s chihuahua, and the vet was pretty sure that this last puppy might be delivered already dead.  Although she was weak, she was still very much alive – and born with a cleft palate, which makes it very difficult for her to eat normally: in order to avoid her accidentally inhaling her food into her lungs, she has to be tube-fed.  She also has a very severe luxating patella, or “floating kneecap” (basically it means the kneecap doesn’t sit where it should, which usually leads to walking funny and sometimes pain when walking), which is pretty common with smaller dogs – one vet that has seen me says he thinks I have it myself, but isn’t worried yet since it doesn’t cause me any issues so far.  At only one-year old, she’s already had multiple surgeries in an attempt to correct her cleft palate, and has seen more vets than she could wag a tail at.

You might think that all this would get a little puppy down.  Not Mia!  Her people say that she still likes to play just like any other puppy.  She has even helped with foster puppies and kitties the family keeps, is up for going out with her people (chihuahuas are the original purse dog, after all), including going to a nursing home to make the people there feel better!

Vets that have seen her right from her birth up until now have been suggesting it might be better to have her “put down,” but her people have been sticking by her no matter what.  She hasn’t given up trying to live a normal life, why should they?

If you have any way to help out Mia’s people with all her continuing health issues, that would be awesome.  When I came to the Rescue, I had a bunch of health issues that could have been prevented if I’d been cared for properly instead of neglected, though thankfully the health problems I had were ones that could be easily cured with some medicine and TLC.  My foster mommy was able to help me get those issues resolved because other people donated money to help doggies like me have vet bills paid for.  Mia has a website, and you can “like” her on this thing called Facebook (I don’t know what it is, but Mama spends a lot of time on it, so I guess it’s fun) by looking for “love for Mia cleft palate chihuahua).  If you have any way to help her, that would be super-nice of you.


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