The First Piperversary

Humans and dogs have different ideas about what is a good idea.  Humans greet each other by sticking out their hands and shaking them together; dogs greet each other by sniffing each others’ butts.  Dogs like to roll and rub in things that smell interesting; humans think that’s icky.  Humans like to sleep on a bed and sometimes on couches; dogs will sleep on beds, couches, chairs, doggie beds, floors, laps, and anywhere else we are allowed.

Humans also have some ideas of fun that we dogs don’t share.  For example, dressing up their dogs.  At least, it’s something Mama seems to think is cute.

She has dressed me in a doggie hat…

a person-hat…

a hoodie…

and even a crinoline slip of hers…

and sometimes towels…

All of these things I have dealt with in what I consider a fairly patient manner – though you can tell from my expression in the above pictures just how much I enjoyed the dress-up sessions.  But there is an article of clothing she put on me that I didn’t mind…

A collar.

A year ago today my foster mommy put me in her car for what I thought was just going to be another fun car ride.  Instead I was brought to a place that would end up being my Forever Home.  Up until then my experience with humans had been that of neglect, cruelty, people who would let me have puppies but took them away, people who needed me around to make more puppies but didn’t care if I was healthy, people who thought I was too mean to keep alive.  The people at the Rescue changed my mind that all people were scary, proved to me that there were people who loved doggies and treated them with kindness and gentleness.  But a year ago today, I finally knew what it meant to be part of a family.


2 Comments on “The First Piperversary”

  1. Ami says:

    So sweet! I’m glad your people found you & that you are happy in your forever home, even if some indignities must be endured. Your mama & papa love you so much! Happy Piperversary!!

    • Piper says:

      Thank you, Ami! As much as I might complain about some things I don’t like (I will always display passive resistance against dressing up and baths), I am happy to deal with them if it means I have Daddy and Mama in my life to cuddle with, feed me, walk me, and generally make me happy.

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