A Picture and a Note

When Scruffy came to visit last week, Daddy took this picture of him snuggled up on one of the blankets on the floor.  He called it “Scruff-ouflage.”  Mama called it “camo-fluff.”  What do you think?

So, right now here in the USA humans are celebrating something called Independence Day.  Apparently, one of the ways humans celebrate this is by blowing stuff up.  Be careful out there, humans!  And make sure to watch out for your furry friends!  A lot of animals – like dogs – get spooked by the loud noises, so try to keep them as comfortable as possible.

Don’t worry about me, though.  Daddy and Mama are keeping me away from these splody-things, and the noises I’ve heard so far haven’t scared me at all.  In fact, I’ve slept through the ones I’ve heard so far!

Besides, they got nothing on the vaccuum.  Now that’s scary.


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