An Inside Dog’s Outdoor Adventure

Ever since coming to live with Mama and Daddy, I have been an inside dog  This is fine by me: In the summer there is something called central air which keeps me cool.  In the winter there is heat to keep me warm.  When it rains or snows, there is a roof over my head.  Plus there are lots of comfy surfaces on which I can snooze.

Like this.

And this.

And of course this.

In fact, even though I love going out for walkies, I am actually something of a diva.  A lot of dogs, for example, like to tramp through mud puddles on their walks after a good rain.  Not me.  I will steer myself around a mud puddle – even hop onto rocks if I have to in order to avoid getting my dainty little toesies wet.  Maybe it’s because of the time I spent on the street, maybe it’s just how I naturally am, but  I guess you could call me a bit of a prima donna.

So knowing this about my personality, let me paint this picture for you: A few weeks ago Daddy and Mama put a bunch of things into the car that I’d never seen before.  Then they brought me out into the car with them – yay, car ride!  They said we were going some place called “camping.”  I didn’t know what that meant, but I knew I liked car rides!

We drove for maybe an hour.  Even though I like car rides, I was getting nervous.  Where were we going?  I started whining a little bit.  Where was this “camping,” and why did it take so long to get there?

Eventually we ended up at this place full of trees.  It smelled like dirt.  It was getting dark.  Oh, and it was pouring rain.

For a while Mama and Daddy left me in the car (after letting me out to pee, of course) so I could stay dry while they set up “camp.”  But I didn’t like being apart from them and started getting really anxious, so they eventually let me out and hooked my harness into a tether so I could only walk to certain areas.  I was drenched with rain and soaked with mud.  So were Daddy and Mama, as well as some of their friends who were there with us.  Whenever she walked by me, I would jump up on Mama’s legs to try to look for reassurance.  When camp was set and a fire was made, the humans set some chairs around the fire pit and sat down.  I jumped into Mama’s lap and shivered.

So far I didn’t think much of camping

Thankfully, things did get better.  The rain stopped.  The humans other than Mama and Daddy are ones I have met before, ones that are really nice to me!  Two packs of humans even brought other dogs, a male mutt a little bit older than me named Spike…

(this picture was not from camping)

…and a male cocker spaniel puppy named Brodie.

At this age pups are all paws and ears.

To be honest, I didn’t get along much with either of them.  They weren’t bad dogs, mind you.  Spike spent a lot of time on the other side of where I was, so that wasn’t a big deal, but we both felt the campground was ours.  Clearly it was mine, but every now and then Spike would bark at me as if it was his.  Still, when he did come over closer, we both sniffed each other and agreed to a cautious truce.  Besides, he was definitely less trouble than Brodie.  At only 14 weeks, Brodie is still in that phase where he wants to jump and chew all over everything.  I tolerated it mostly when he would jump all over me, but after a while I gave him a snarl to tell him to back off.  I’m getting to be an old lady, I don’t have the energy to put up with that crap.  He’s young enough though that I know he’ll grow out of it.

The humans who owned Spike also have a human pup called a toddler.  She was sweet and liked to give me pettings.  She also had a chair that was perfectly sized just for her.

        And for me.

After a few days we headed back home.  We all smelled like sweat, outside, and mud.  Mama scrubbed me down for an extra long time.  She said the water was running brown with dirt, but dogs can’t see colors, so I have to take her word for it.  We all had a nice rest and then went over to Spike’s house for a cookout.  His family has a nice fenced in backyard, so I was allowed to explore off my leash.  In doing so, I found something really nice.  It smelled so good, and after all, I’d just gotten a bath and didn’t smell too good anymore, so I rolled in it and rubbed my fur into it as much as I could.  Hey, I may not be interested in Spike, but sometimes a girl wants to feel pretty!  Not long thereafter, Spike found this intoxicating smell as well, and he rolled in it too – we dogs don’t differentiate between perfume and cologne: If it smells good, it smells good.  Spike’s dad came over to see the source of our interest.

“They just rolled in a dead bird,” he announced.

When we came home, this time Daddy scrubbed me down.

“Nooo, I smelled so prettyyyy!”

So that was my outdoor escapade.  I’ll take sleeping in my puppy-bed any time, thank you.


2 Comments on “An Inside Dog’s Outdoor Adventure”

  1. ami says:

    Yay! So many pictures! I’m sorry you didn’t like camping, but everything is worth a try, and sometimes if you roll with the punches, you wind up finding delicious things to roll in. I’m so glad I met you and I love how silky your hair is; clearly you do too, and wish to maintain your locks with dead bird scent. Not for everyone, but “do you”. Hope to see you again!

    Your friend,

    • Piper says:

      Hi, Ami! You were so nice to me when I met you – and David too! I love meeting new people, and David was so nice petting me and letting me sit in his lap. I love finding new things to roll in – and I do think they should be part of any doggie’s beauty regimen. Humans don’t seem to like it very much, which bums me out. I’m sure I’ll be writing more about my adventures in trying to keep up my girlish appearance. Please feel free to pass this blog along to any one of your animal-loving friends – like I said, I love meeting new people!

      Can’t wait to sniff you again,


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