A Big Update!

So it has clearly been a long time for me to update.  Obviously there has been a lot going on!  In some other country a prince got married (his grandmother, the queen, takes care of corgis!).  A bad guy got caught.  A lot of tornadoes have gone through this country and have left a lot of people and animals in distress.  But more importantly, there have been some major changes at home.

Remember in my last post I mentioned how I was sick of Mama’s new schedule?  Well, just a few days after I wrote about it, it changed: Mama left for work early in the morning right before Daddy.  I settled myself on the couch for another long day of waiting for my people to come home.  But then, only one or two hours later, Mama came back!  I was so excited to see her at such an unusually early time that I didn’t notice the sad look on her face at first.  Still, her voice was upbeat as she greeted me.

“Guess what, Piper?” she asked, “You’re going to be seeing a whole lot more of Mama for a while.  Not the way I wanted – but stuff happens.”

It turns out that Mama came home early because she lost her job.  I’m kind of selfish in that I’m really happy I have someone home with me all the time, but I kind of feel bad at the same time because I know Mama is upset that she lost her job.  She and Daddy are trying to work out something called a “budget” so we can get by.  Sometimes Mama gets really depressed about things, and so I snuggle her extra close.  I wish I could do something more helpful like go earn some money myself, but when Mama gives me a hug and a smile, she makes me feel like I’ve done just what she was hoping.

Because Mama lost her job, she lost something called health insurance, which helps pay bills when she has to go to the doctor.  She and Daddy were planning on getting married later this year anyway, so they went ahead and did that a little over a week ago; this way she could get on Daddy’s health insurance.  They couldn’t take me to the courtroom with them to do that, but they brought me to a party they had afterwards.  I had a lot of fun too!

(Maybe too much fun)

Also lately Mama has gotten to know Annie’s mom a bit more.  You remember me talking about Annie, right?  Well, Annie is still kind of hyper and crazy, but not necessarily in a bad way.  A few times Annie’s mom invited Mama and me into her townhouse, and from what I could tell it seems like Annie’s mom just loves her so much that she lets her kinda run around as she likes inside.  Annie’s mom is a nice lady, older, whose only roommate is Annie.  She sometimes seems to have people over, but as a rule it’s Annie and her.   She’s always been sweet to me and to Mama, and she has offered I don’t know how many times to take care of me if Mama and Daddy are both out.  I think that’s super-friendly of her, though I get the feeling that even with Annie, she is kind of lonely.  Maybe I can bring Mama over there more often.

So now that Mama isn’t working for now (but still looking for something!), I might be able to write here more often – after all, even though I have thoughts, doggie-paws don’t make typing very easy, so I need help from one of my people.  So even though I know Mama needs to get a new job, I plan to enjoy all the time I’m going to have with Mama at home with me.    


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