Top Dog/Rescue Dog

Guys, I am seriously over Mama’s new schedule.  I hate spending all day alone without anyone to cuddle.  Yesterday and the day before Mama stayed home because she had something called a “migraine” which made her lay down all day.  Not as fun as she usually is, but at least I was able to curl up with her.  She says it’s only a few more weeks, but we dogs don’t have a great concept of time (if you have ever spent much time with a dog, you know what I mean), so to me it may as well be forever.

In nicer news, I just might be someone important to more than just Daddy and Mama fairly soon!  You see, I live in New York State – not near that big place called New York City – and some Really Important People are debating something near and dear to my heart: What should be the official State Dog.  And you know what is being proposed?  That the State Dog should be a rescue dog!  What’s even more interesting is that this is a bipartisan movement – something, as I understand it, that is pretty rare (dogs don’t really get politics anyway).  This isn’t just to be silly – something, I am told, politicians of all sorts sometimes do – but to raise awareness and encourage New Yorkers across the state to adopt rescue dogs.

Now, I have heard some humans are not so happy with the lawmakers debating something like this instead of more important stuff.  I am sure there is more important stuff for humans to talk about – like I said, dogs don’t get politics – but it is a topic near and dear to my heart.  Can you blame me for being interested in this proposal?

Mama and I like to read a comic called Mutts that promotes rescuing animals.  Here are some of its strips called shelter stories.  Some of them ring true with me for sure.  If you have any rescued animals at home – or if you’re a rescued animal reading this – I bet you get them too.

But enough of politics.  There is a cushion in the living room with my name on it.  I’m so glad I have the luxury of such choices instead of just a cold cage in an unloving home!  I hope you all have such comfort in your homes too – especially love.


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