Old Friends and New

This weekend me and my family went on a little field trip.  It started when Mama turned to Daddy and suggested they donate some things to “the Rescue,” which is what they call the Buffalo Pug and Small Breed Rescue (which, in case you forgot, is the place that saved me!).  Apparently when the weather gets nicer like this, humans like to partake in this ritual called “spring cleaning,” and Mama is no different.  We had some doggie stuff that I sure wasn’t using, so I guess she figured it was time to get rid of it.

From the storage closet they pulled my first carrier, the one Mama bought before I came home that’s about one size too small for me (not that I like the one that fits anyway).  Into that they put a bunch of ratty old towels – good for making little doggie-nests and, truth be told, for cleaning up accidents that might happen.  They also put a bunch of doggie biscuits in there (I wasn’t too happy about that since I’ll eat pretty much anything in front of me, but since we still have some treats at home I think it’ll be OK). 

Lastly they put in a ridonkulous amount of toys.  See, for Xmas, Mama’s sister got me a huge see-through plastic bone that unzipped to let out approximately 10,000 toys.  I like a few toys here and there, but I have my 4 or 5 favorites and don’t play with anything else – and I mean anything.  That includes the tennis ball that is a little too big for my mouth that Mama bought, the rope toy Mama’s sister gave her when I first came home, and the rubber green bear squeak-toy Mama got as my very first toy to greet me when I came home.  I think I made Mama feel kind of bad because that was sort of a “welcome home” gift for me when I got adopted, but I was so excited to be in my Forever Home that I really didn’t care much about a silly bear, and I’m sorry to say I never got too enthused about it even once I settled in.

Daddy grabbed the parcel and we all loaded up into his car.  Taking rides is so exciting, but I think it’s best when they aren’t too long.  Thankfully the Rescue is not very far away, so we were there in no time. Mama thought it would be nice to bring me along when they donated these items so they could see how well I was doing.

No one was disappointed!  There were a bunch of volunteers there, including my foster mommy!  She remembered how scrawny I had been when I first got rescued, so she was glad to see how nicely I’d filled in (the vet says I could stand to lose a little weight, but I think I’m pleasantly plump).  The other volunteers were cooing over my fur and how nice I was (if I do say so myself).

There were also a bunch of other dogs there too.  It was nice that they were all really friendly, but there were so many dogs and people that I got a little overwhelmed and jumped up on a chair, where I sat and kind of observed everything.  

There was Jaxon, who had that silly cone-thing around his head – but he wasn’t letting that slow him down: He was excited to see me and just happy-go-lucky as ever despite having just been fixed (I remember I felt pretty out of it after I got fixed – not this little one!).  There was another little guy who was a bit more shy, so I never got his name.

There was also someone who caught Mama’s eye – a Yorkie-shih tzu mix named Wicket.  Like Jaxon, he’s just a little puppy, but this boy had moxie.  See, Wicket was born with deformed hind legs, one of which used to trip him all the time.  He used to get frustrated and would gnaw on that leg.  That leg had to be amputated, which means it got cut off for medical reasons.  You might think that would slow a dog down or make him sad.  Not Wicket!  He was scooting around just fine and keeping up with everyone else.

At one point Mama scooped him up and held him.  He was a sweet baby to her, which I was glad to see (no one messes with my parents!).  He snuggled up to her and even gave her a little kiss on the chin.  Mama gave Daddy a big-eyed look, the sort that I usually give to them when I want something.

“Maybe he could be Piper’s little brother?” she swooned.

Whoa.  I thought we were just here to donate some toys and stuff, not adopt a sibling.  He’s a nice little guy and all, but I’m not sure I’m ready to be a big sister. 

Luckily, Daddy nipped that in the bud straight away.  Mama said she understood, but gave Wicket a little hug before whispering to him, “Someone’s gonna give you an awesome home, little guy.”  She set him back on the floor, where she pet him a couple of times with a misty, goo-goo-eyed expression on her face.  It wasn’t long thereafter that we left.

I know Wicket – and all the other dogs I met – will eventually go to forever homes, just like I did.  I hope for them that they are as happy as I am with their families.  And maybe someday Mama and Daddy will bring home a brother or sister for me.  But right now I’m pretty happy being an only child.

After all, who needs more than this?


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