What is your favorite time of day?  For Mama, she likes eating breakfast, but curling up in bed is also nice.  Daddy enjoys his morning cup of something called “coffee” – but he really likes what he calls his “morning constitutional,” a time he spends in a room called the “bathroom.”

I’d like to say that my favorite times of day are when Daddy and Mama come home from this place they call “work” – but that’s not entirely true: After all, they have to leave in order for them to come back – and I hate when they leave!  But since Daddy works during the day and Mama works at night, then at least I get a lot of time with at least one of them home.

No, my favorite time of day is when I get to go for walkies.

What makes it even better?  I get at least three walkies every day!

I guess it is kind of like Daddy’s constitutional.


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